Congratulations to all shortlisted candidates for PFF 2017!
  • PFF Thank You Dinner 2017

    The main objectives for the events are:
    · A Thank You Dinnerfor the members of PFF Selection Committee and co-interviewers of PFF Selection Interview.
    · To congratulate the graduating/ graduated scholars.
  • PFF Bootcamp 2017

    The PFF Bootcamp 2017 is designed to:
    a.To align scholars on PFF’s objectives and State’s vision, plans and programs.
    b.To encourage camaraderie amongst scholars and strengthen the alumni bond
    c.To develop the scholars through soft skills training eg: leadership and communication skills.

  • PFF Selection Interview 2017

    Distinguished individuals from both private and public sectors were invited to join the PFF Selection Interview 2017 as Co-Interviewers. There were 7 concurrent panels interviewing more than 200 students in 3 days....