PFF Bootcamp 2017

In our continuous effort to stem the brain drain and nurture future talent pipeline, PFF puts in great effort to develop our scholars. One of the annual events- PFF Bootcamp is the time when we gather all our scholars (for Year 2017, it was batch 2015 and batch 2016) in a place and provide them with the necessary training.

The main objectives for PFF Bootcamp are:

  1. To align scholars on PFF’s objectives and State’s vision, plans and programs.
  2. To encourage camaraderie amongst scholars and strengthen the alumni bond
  3. To develop the scholars through soft skills training eg: leadership and communication skills.

During the 2 Day 1 Night PFF Bootcamp (2017), a professional trainer from JORA was hired to provide soft-skills training to the scholars followed by Bootcamp Challenge and sharing sessions by industry players. In the PFF Bootcamp 2017 Challenge, scholars were tasked to make a short video with the aim in promoting Penang as the place to work and live. The event was attended by 147 PFF Scholars and was held on 26 & 27 August 2017 at Paradise Beach Resort.

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